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. the obama administration is struggling with words great if they call the overthrow a coup, by u.s. law, all non- humanitarian aid to egypt be suspended. that includes more than a billion dollars that go strictly to the egyptian army. >> we are following breaking news in the search for a missing boy who is severely autistic. >> we will have a live up eight for you. >> also tonight, a little bit of sun and a little bit of rain. doug is back with more on what is in store tonight. >> the red-hot nationals load up for the second-half stretch run. >> we are going to update you now on a strictly top of the newscast -- the autistic missing boy -- the missing boy who is severely autistic. >> as i told you at the top of the broadcast, it is not looking good but police have not confirmed anything here. something or someone was found in the alley behind his row of apartments on west virginia avenue. as an officer slammed his hands in anger and then we heard someone say oh god, call an ambulance. it was in a car that was within 30 or 40 feet from where this child was last seen yesterday when he was rest
. that is according to a senior obama administration official. until now, u.s. and afghan officials have been discussing plans to keep a small force behind to fight the insurgents and train afghan personnel until the end of 2014. mr. obama has recently grown increasingly frustrated in dealing with afghan president hamid karzai. deadly clashes continued between supporters of the egyptian ousted president and the military parade and egyptian security official says 650 protesters have been detained for trying to storm a military facility. the military claims the protesters attacked and left 50 morsi supporters yesterday. the moslem brotherhood deny any attacks took place. the red panda is back on display at his exhibit at the national zoo after escaping last month. jummy olabanji was there for his homecoming. >> just before it 9:00 this morning, rusty the red panda came back home to his exhibit at the national zoo. within a couple of minutes, he was eating and running and playing around like nothing had ever happened. >> he is doing very well. he is eating well and drinking well. he seems to be
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2